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Re: Input files

From: Todd Denniston
Subject: Re: Input files
Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2003 11:54:55 -0500

Hamid Ghassemi wrote:
> Can CVS use an input file in place of options for each individual file.
> We have a list of files that makes up a recipe of what source code is
> needed to make a product. 
suggestion read
it tells you that cvs can internalize the recipe so you do not have to even
have a separate file with the information in it.

> I would like to use this file as a input to a
> CVS command to do checkouts, tag, commit, etc.

There is no interface in cvs to do it directly, however you could build a
script (language of your choice) to make an interface. I would have it do
something like the following.

$recipe_version=v_1_1 /*maps to v1.1 ?*/
while $more_files_in_input.txt
  $line = read line from input.txt
  $rcsversion=$line.$2 /* humans should ignore cvs use of rcs version numbers,
and use tags */

  cvs tag -r $rcsversion $recipe_version $filename
echo "to get the input.txt version back for rebuild $recipe_version type \`cvs
checkout -r$recipe_version module\` in an appropriate directory."
echo "in the mean time club the CM person until they understand "
echo "how to use cvs tag or cvs rtag on the whole baseline"
echo " and just keep input.txt as an artifact of the past. :) "
echo " "

see the following for a bash script that does someething like you want

> Here is an example
> Input file input.rxt:
> /foo/foo.c  1.1
> /foo/abc.h  1.4
> Command line
> Cvs co @input.txt
> Or
> CVS co < input.txt
> Thanks in advance
> Hamid

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