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Re: cvs login

From: thomas . maciejewski
Subject: Re: cvs login
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2003 13:09:06 -0400

OK a bit more progress here now this message:

cvs [login aborted]: unrecognized auth response from <machine>: cvs
pserver: cannot open <dir>/CVS/CVSROOT/config: Permission denied

I need to provide a bit more info here maybe.

I am a member of 2 groups.
when I do an ID I get:
uid=624(<login>) gid=22(<group1>) groups=299(<group2>)

so my main group is group1

now the permissions on the CVS directory is set up so that it is 770 with
the group as group2
do you think that this can be causing the problem?  Do I need to newgrp to
group2 ?

I also tried to chmod 777 the config file as well as CVSROOT to see if I
still had this problem but to no avail ...

any Ideas ?


PS thank you for getting me over the first hurdle

             (Larry             To:       address@hidden         
                      Jones)                   cc:       address@hidden         
                                               Subject:  Re: cvs login          
                      06/20/2003 10:36                                          

address@hidden writes:
> <server>:/homedir/<user>> cvs login
> (Logging in to <user>@<server>)
> CVS password:
> cvs login: authorization failed: server <server> rejected access to
> <directory>/CVS/ for user <user>

Note carefully that the directory in the error message ends with a "/".

>       cvspserver      stream  tcp     nowait  root
> /share/tools/local/bin/cvs cvs -b/share/tools/local/bin -f --allow-root
> =<directory>/CVS pserver

Note carefully that the directory in the --allow-root= option does *not*
end with a "/".  Like I said before, the directory in your $CVSROOT must
*EXACTLY* match the --allow-root= option on the server.  Get rid of the
trailing "/" in your $CVSROOT and it should work (unless there's another
problem, too).

Also, please do not edit commands to replace actual names with things
like "<server>".  Had you not left the trailing "CVS" in the directory
name, there's a good chance you would have edited away the trailing
slash and made it impossible to diagnose the problem.

-Larry Jones

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