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HEAD revision with branches.

From: Remi Gurski
Subject: HEAD revision with branches.
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2003 09:58:02 -0700

My local copy of file.c is checked out on my_branch (actually, the entire directory is on that branch), and has had several changes committed. There have also been changes committed to the mainline copy of file.c.

I want to see what the changes are between the tip of my_branch and the tip of mainline.
cvs diff -rHEAD file.c
doesn't work - it shows the diff between the local copy and the tip of my_branch. I guess that means HEAD is only the tip of the current branch?

How do I specify the "real" HEAD (i.e. the tip of the trunk?). Updating to the mainline copy of file.c and doing "cvs diff -rmy_branch" works, but can I do it the other way around (without adding a tag to the mainline just for a diff)?

(This is client 1.11 and pserver 1.11.2, if that matters).

- Remi

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