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Re: Preventing Commits to a Branch

From: Mark
Subject: Re: Preventing Commits to a Branch
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2003 07:03:58 -0700 (PDT)

--- Kevin Layer <address@hidden> wrote:
> Alexandre Augusto Drummond Barroso <address@hidden> wrote:
> >> You may create a program to be called on every commit 
> >> operation. Your program must analyze the file names, their 
> >> revision numbers (the third part of revision number identifies
> >> the branch - the x in 1.1.x.1 identifies the branch x) and 
> >> decide if the commit operation is legal or not. Use program 
> >> exit code to tell cvs what to do - exit code 0 to allow commit 
> >> operation and exit code > 0 to deny it.
> >> 
> >> Read more about this on Cederqvist (CVS Manual - Appendix C), 
> >> commitinfo administrative file
> The Cederqvist says:
>    Much of the information about the specific commit request being
>    made, including the destination branch, commit message, and command
>    line options specified, is not available to the command.
> The args I see (with version 1.11.2) are: directory files.  ie:
> /net/cvs/cvs/CVSROOT/cl_commit_check: /cvs/CVSROOT cl_commit_check
> How are you suggesting we find out the version number from this?

commitinfo trigger, parse the Entries file. Reject all commits from someone
that updates/checkouts with branch number (to much work to figure out branch
tag), require that all checkouts/updates, other that MAIN, be via branch tag.
have trigger check each file's Entries file line.

Not that difficult with a decent scripting language. We have branch control now
with CVS that is dynamically configured by a config file.

taginfo ..... defined a format for protected tags and have the script protect
them from unauthorized users.

To see what's info/files are available to use for a giving trigger type, add
this trigger (for unix server) (note script might have issues, typed on the
fly, but you should get the jist of it)


print "ARGV = '@ARGV'\n\n";

print "env = \n' @out'\n\n";

chomp @out;
print "PWD = '$out[0]'\n";

@out=`ls -Rla\n`;
print "LS = \n' @out'\n";

exit 0;

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