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Re: How many versions?

From: Paul Sander
Subject: Re: How many versions?
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2003 09:18:31 -0700

The rinfo program has a mode to display one-line summaries of ranges of
versions.  Doing a line-count on its output should give you what you want.
Sources for the rinfo program are located at

Alternatively, you could try this:

cvs log -N -rver1::ver2 file |
grep '^date: [^;]*;  author: [^;]*;  state: [^;]*;  lines:' |
wc -l

Note that there must be no space between cvs log's -r option and the
revision number or tag that follows it.

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Given 2 revisions of a single file. How can a script find out if other
revisions exist between them.

revision examples for this question:

1.12 and  -- have no revisions between them
1.12 and  -- do have revisons between them
1.13 and 1.14      -- have no revisions between them
1.13 and 1.15      -- do have revisons between them

I want to be able to script this test/check without having the script have to
understand/parse the CVS revision/branch numbering scheme. (the first revision
number in the comparison is not known, just the CVS tag for it is, but the
second number only the revision number is known).

Is there a rdiff or rlog (etc...) call that can be setup/parsed to easlier tell
a script if there are revisions between tag CVS_TAG_01 and revision of

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