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acl for cvs, access from internal machines

From: Edward Peschko
Subject: acl for cvs, access from internal machines
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2003 11:48:00 -0700
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Well, it looks like my patch for acl grafted onto CVS has 
pretty much sunk without a trace... wrong forum? philosophical 
issues again? no interest?

If it is the wrong forum for patches, then what is the *right* forum? 
If its philosophical issues again, then what are they and how can 
we overcome them? As for interest, well I'm using the acl patch right 
now, and am finding it damn useful, if I do say so myself..

Anyways, I figured a way around the internal machine dilemma, I think.
If I subscribe from the internal machine, it seems to take precedence
over the spam filter, ie: I can post from inside without worrying
about the domain check.


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