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Re: acl for cvs try II

From: Corey Minyard
Subject: Re: acl for cvs try II
Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2003 21:42:11 -0500
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Have you looked at my patch, at  It's
been around for a while and is well tested, and implements full ACLs
(per directory, per file, and per branch) within CVS, and has a lot of


Edward Peschko wrote:

>here's acl for cvs - try II, to see if its getting through to the list. 
>The patch implements very simple acl at the code level, and works against 
>Below is a bit of a writeup, followed by the patch. If people are interested 
>in having
>this apply against 1.12.1, I'll work on it, otherwise it does what I need it 
>to do, so
>I'm happy with it.
>How it works: 
>You create a file 'CVSROOT/aclinfo' with a list of roles and their entries.
>There are two special roles: 'default', which you get if as a user you are not 
>and 'all' which everybody gets. 
>Each entry is either a dir or a file. If the entry is prefixed by a '!' then 
>you *don't*
>get the entry listed, and if its a directory, everything under the entry 
>If it is a regular entry (ie: sans '!') you get everything underneath that 
>entry (or if 
>this entry is a file, just that file)
>Entries that are underneath other entries supercede them. !dir + dir/a means 
>that you'll
>get nothing in dir *except* dir/a (and anything underneath *it*)

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