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Re: Sticky, sticky? I'm stucked!

From: Gabriel Landais
Subject: Re: Sticky, sticky? I'm stucked!
Date: Mon, 08 Mar 2004 09:06:20 +0100
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Thank you, it works now!

Pierre Asselin a écrit :
Gabriel Landais <address@hidden> wrote:

I'm using Tortoise CVS, it works pretty well, but today I had a problem that I don't understand :

cvs server: cannot commit with sticky date for file `Principal.cpp'
cvs server: sticky tag `1.4' for file `Principal.dfm' is not a branch
cvs server: cannot commit with sticky date for file `Principal.h'

What does it mean

It means that some time in the past you did an "update special" for
that file and requested revision 1.4 instead of whatever the latest
might be.  The 1.4 is sticky to your copy of the file and you're now
trying to commit your change to that same revision 1.4 --which is

and what should I do please?

It depends on what you want.  One way out is to "update special" and
check the "return to latest" checkbox.  This will unstick the 1.4 but
will also bring back the latest trunk revision and attempt to merge the
changes you made with the changes everybody else made since 1.4 .  If
your changes need to be in the latest revision, this is probably the
way to go.  At worst, there will be conflicts that you will have to
resolve manually.

If your changes can't go in the latest revision you probably need a
branch.  I've never done this from TortoiseCVS, but you would right-click
on your top-level sandbox directory and pick the menu entry to create
a branch.  It's probably "Tag..." or something similar, and in the dialog
where you supply the tag name you will need to specify that you want a
branch tag, not a release tag.  After that, you "update special" to the
tag you just created.  You'll end up with a sticky tag again, but this
time it will be a branch tag instead of a fixed revision.  Your commits
will succeed and will append new revisions to the branch instead of
going to the trunk.

You should check the on-line help to make sure I got the details right.

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