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Updating local directory to Match repository

From: Saad Malik
Subject: Updating local directory to Match repository
Date: 8 Mar 2004 23:28:55 -0800

I have searched the man pages and googled but was unable to find the
anwser, so I ask it here.

How am I able to make my local directory (module) match exactly like a
repository module. THe obvious answer is to cvs release (module) &&
cvs co (module)...

But what if the module is huge? Like the kdelibs... Basically what I
want to do, is for the cvs update command to somehow get rid of all
the (?) mark files it finds when updating the module. Also kdelibs and
other modules, say "This file is no longer in repository".. it would
be nice if it could delete those too.

I tried update -PC, but it did not remove files that were created by
configure script (and files I manually put in there).

Thanks in Advance.

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