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Bug with entering Log messages using editor other than vi

From: g murkumar
Subject: Bug with entering Log messages using editor other than vi
Date: Mon, 8 Mar 2004 16:13:26 -0800 (PST)

Background :
PC :Intel Pentium 4
OS :Linux redhat 9
CVS version: 1.11.13 (client/server)

Initially my $EDITOR environment variable was set to

After making changes to a or many files i do

$cvs commit

the cvs would open a gvim editor window. AND at the
same time say
log message empty or unmodified
a)abort c)continue....

I would enter log message exit gvim and
say continue (i tried ! option also)

The bug was that NONE of my log messages were ever
registered even though the
cvs made successful updates of my changes, But i lost
my log messages.

THen i thought id change my EDITOR in my .cshrc i did
so and made it vi

and Voila! the log messages started getting
registered. I didnt even get the
'log message empty or unmodified' error

Is this a bug.I wanted to bring this to the attention
of the developers so that
they may fix it. If not please advise what was wrong
on my part.

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