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Can wincvs graph all versions/branches for a module?

From: McMaster, James C (Jim)
Subject: Can wincvs graph all versions/branches for a module?
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 14:58:08 -0700

We use cvs on a Solaris box for managing our source code.  Most of our group
has never learned anything about it beyond clicking menu items in Jbuilder
to checkout/update/commit.  Now, we are trying to teach them how to actually
use CVS.  I am trying to make it easier by installing wincvs on the Windows
boxes they use for development

Some members are still complaining about all the things cvs "won't do", and
pining for Visual SourceSafe.  (This really means they don't know how to do
what they want in cvs, and don't want to learn.)

So far, I have been able to demonstrate almost everything, except one.
Apparently, VSS can show a graph of versions/branches for a module, and I
cannot figure out how to do that in wincvs.  The graph function seems only
to work for individual files.  Am I missing some way to do this?

Thank you.

Jim McMaster
Sr. Software Systems Engineer
Global Services Solutions Tools
303.673-7419 phone
303.661.6717 fax

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