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RE: Can't change ascii/binary type of file

Subject: RE: Can't change ascii/binary type of file
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2004 12:50:18 -0600

Can a developer commit changes to a file from his workspace after it has
previously been deleted and added to attic by some other developer? Or can
he only update his workspace with the current repos meaning accept the
previous file deletion?

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Subject: RE: Can't change ascii/binary type of file

Patton, Matthew E., CTR, OSD-PA&E wrote:
> cvs doesn't actually kill the file. it lives in Attic. So 
> when you commit
> again it fetches it from Attic and the new one tacked on. The 
> trick is to go
> into Attic and 'rm' the stupid file and then commit again. 
Well, you *could* do that, but wouldn't it just be easier to use:

cvs admin -kb <filename>

and make sure everyone refreshes their checkouts?

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