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Re: How to compose a new module out of dirs in other modules !

From: Bettina Ball
Subject: Re: How to compose a new module out of dirs in other modules !
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2004 09:41:50 +0100
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On Friday 12 March 2004 04:37, Peter Biechele wrote:

> I have the following problem:
> I have a project which contains many dirs and subdirs.
> Now I want to compose a new module containing some arbitrary subdirs 
> in 
> different dir levels to a new module.
> BUT the dirs in the new module should be also in different levels.
> E.g. (I checkout moduleSrc and see)
> moduleSrc/dir1
> moduleSrc/dir2
> moduleSrc/dir1/dir11
> I want to have: (when I checkout moduleNEW)
> moduleNEW/Test/dir11 (ampersand module of moduleSrc/dir1/dir11)
> moduleNEW/oneDir/twoDir/threeDir/dir2 (ampersand module of
> moduleSrc/dir2)
> How can I accomplish this ??
> If i use ampersand modules I can not tell the new path in the new
> module!!

You can use the "-d" option when setting up the ampersand modules in 
the modules file (see e.g.

For your example above you could specify two ampersand modules
        moduleA -d moduleNEW/Test/dir11 moduleSrc/dir1/dir11
        moduleB -d moduleNEW/oneDir/twoDir/threeDir/dir2        moduleSrc/dir2

and combine those to a module
        moduleNEW       &moduleA &moduleB

However, I'm not sure if you can specify a path with several 
(non-existing) subdirs in the -d option. I've never tried it that 


   Bettina Ball

Bettina Ball
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