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Re: repository on network share

From: Alexander von Below
Subject: Re: repository on network share
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2004 13:57:16 +0100

Excuse me for not answering, but adding to the question:

One of my repositories is only used by myself. I would like to access it on several machines, one of them being a notebook. Those of you familiar know the iDisk from Apple, which is basically a WebDAV drive, with the option of having that drive "synchornized" locally.

So, my idea was to put my repository to the iDisk. For the desktops, that is a network share. The notebook can access it "live" when connected, or offline through the synchronized copy. In this special case, I can be sure that noone else is accessing the rep while I am working in the offline copy, and sync it back later (via the iDisk mechanism)

Bad idea?

Also, if other developers have smart ideas how to access a repository while on the road (i.e. without server access), I am happy to hear those ideas.



Am 10.03.2004 um 18:42 schrieb Marty:

I'd like to use Tortoise CVS, putting the repository on a network
share.  Everyone's work area (sandbox) would be on their own machines,
we would not share sandboxes.
I need clarification - I know and understand that we should not share
sandboxes. But I hear also that we should not use a network share for
the repository?  Is that true, and if so, how else would a group of
developers (in the same building) create the repository?  Thanks
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