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Re: CVS won't update with latest revision

From: Rohan Nandode
Subject: Re: CVS won't update with latest revision
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2004 15:43:49 +0530
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I don't think putting update -A in .cvsrc would be good option. It will override every update command. also probably give problems when you want to update to some specific version(cvs update -A -r ??), as you did.

As there wouldn't be any sticky tag to files by default, hence normal update should work.


g murkumar wrote:
Thanks Rohan
Would it make send then to add update -A in my .cvsrc file. Since it would normally make sense to expect the cvs
upadte command to freshen up the files in the
directories with the latest revisions of the file
I mean thats what cvs update is normally used for.
Please advise.
Thanks again

--- Rohan Nandode <address@hidden> wrote:

You would have to use -A flag while updating the
the command would be
$cvs update -A uartsw.c

The reason is, when you update with -r, a sticky tag
is attached to the file. you can see it in "cvs status " command.
The sticky tag information is stored in CVS/Entries
in the local checkout. So even it you delete the file the cvs will update on the sticky tag version.

-A option removes any sticky tag present and updates
with latest version.


g murkumar wrote:

I am having cvs update a directory with the latest
version of a certain file. This is the sequence of event
1)I checkout out a old version of the file(i

needed to

compile an old build)
cvs update -r 1.1 uartsw.c
this command worked fine, I got the r1.1 revision
2)I then wanted to revert back to the latest
version(r1.4) of the file. So  I deleted the file
uartsw.c and did cvs update
The output was:
$cvs update
cvs update .
cvs update: Updating .
M demo.hex
cvs update: warning: uartsw.c was lost
U uartsw.c

BUT to my suprise the CVS put back that OLD
revision(r1.1) of the file that i checked out in


'1' . I expected it to put revision r1.4 (the


Accdg to the manual: 'cvs update',  updates the
directory with the most recent commited


in my case is r1.4). But it didnt do that in my


it put the old r1.1. Also just as a sidenote I
remember doing cvs checkout -r 1.1 uartsw.c I mistakedly thought this was the way to retrieve


old revision of a file. But then i saw the website


did step 1(cvs update -r 1.1 uartsw.c) instead.

Did my

cvs checkout command have anything to do with the

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