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RE: Pinning in CVS

From: Conrad T. Pino
Subject: RE: Pinning in CVS
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2004 13:40:03 -0800

See the "-D" or "-r" options for CVS "checkout" or "update".

When "-D" or "-r" are used this information persists in local copy
i.e. the date or revision tags are "sticky".  Read following:

A CVS file with a "sticky tag" is by definition "pinned" to that
tag which may be a date, revision number, branch number or symbol
that refers to a date, revision number, branch number.

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From: address@hidden On Behalf Of George Abraham
Sent: Thursday, March 11, 2004 01:58
To: address@hidden
Subject: Pinning in CVS

Is there any method by which the "Pinning Feature" in VSS can be implemented
in CVS ?

George Abraham

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