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Re: cvs problem under cygwin, cvs documentation

From: luke . kendall
Subject: Re: cvs problem under cygwin, cvs documentation
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004 12:41:05 +1100 (EST)

I wrote:

> Although we have a moderately good workaround (an old version of cvs
> compiled up), we have a long-standing problem with cvs in Cygwin that
> I'm  looking into finally.  We get responses like:

In case you didn't see my other warning post, I'll repeat it here:

I just sent the same question to this list and to the cygwin mailing
list (I'm subscribed to both, obviously).

Don't Reply-All to that post.  I was automatically marked as a spammer
by sending one email to both lists, even though the problem could be
either a cygwin one or a cvs one.

I'd hate to think that a helpful reply to my query might get someone
else blocked.


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