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Tagging across branches?

From: Andy Jones
Subject: Tagging across branches?
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2004 13:29:13 +0000

Hi all,

I have a repository - that is, a subdirectory of $CVSROOT - which has a number 
of subdirectories.

For one of these subdirectories I have created a branch, and in my sandbox have 
checked out that branch.  So in my sandbox I have the main trunk except for one 
directory, which is sticky on a branch.

What happens if I "cvs tag" the entire sandbox?  

Can I do an export on that tag, and get exactly what I currently see in the 
sandbox, including the branched directory?

What happens if I do a checkout (!!) on that tag?

Some background, of you like: I have some legacy code from before we started 
with CVS that only applies to one directory, so I've put it in a branch (with 
the intention of never, ever merging from that branch).   Now I need to make a 
release to a site that is not ready to move on from that legacy code.  So I 
want to make a "release tag" and do an export.

If I have cvs'd myself into a corner, suggestions for what I *should* have done 
will be greatfully received...

[cvs 1.11.12; Red Hat 7.1]

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