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How to run :gserver: nonroot -- still works for cvs 1.12.6?

From: simonst
Subject: How to run :gserver: nonroot -- still works for cvs 1.12.6?
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2004 10:40:08 -0800

Brandon Craig Rhodes' msg "How to run :gserver: nonroot", dated 03Jul2002,
closely describes our current situation:  a brand new repository, with only
gssapi access, and no cvs user accounts on the respository.  To recap, we
envision the repository server having only 2 user:group accounts:

  cvsadm:cvs owns the executables & runs "cvs ... pserver" daemon

  cvsusr:cvs owns the $CVSROOT repository

All cvs users have kerberos principals (userids), but do NOT have accounts
on the repository server.  Instead they are mapped via some combination of
CVSROOT/[passwd,readers,writers] to userid cvsusr.  Some users could be
defined as readers (but this is not as important to us).

  1. Has the "cvs-nonroot-kerberos.patch" in Brandon's message been
superceded for cvs 1.12.6?  
  2. Is there another way to accomplish what we want to do?  
  3. Would CVS still log user actions under their kerberos principal name
(which is always a valid unix userid, in our case), or just "cvsusr"?  

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