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Ownership and group change in repository after check-in

From: Mala T
Subject: Ownership and group change in repository after check-in
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2004 10:09:20 -0800 (PST)

I noticed that when a user checks in a file, that file
ownership changes(the user that checked in now owns
that file) in the repository as well as the group
owning that directory changes to that user's default
or primary group.Is there any way to prevent this from
Is it true that CVS recreates the archive file each
time there is a checkin? 

I am facing a problem right now.

I have setup a cvs repository called BWSI and put all
users of this
repository in a group called 'bwsi'. 
After a user checked-in something, a directory in the
repository is now owned by that user and the group
called 'users'(probably this user's default group),
so, others in bwsi group that are not members of
'users' are unable to checkout.I  belong to
'users'(and also bwsi) but am unable to change the
group ownership for this directory. It says, 'not
owner'. How can I prevent this from happening?

For now, I have asked our sys admin to change the
default group for all members in the group 'bwsi' to
'bwsi'. Is there any other solution for this?


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