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Re: Setting up a CVS Repository on a Network

From: Philippe Casgrain
Subject: Re: Setting up a CVS Repository on a Network
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2004 10:54:24 -0500

Le 04-03-18, à 18:33, Eric Gorr <address@hidden> a écrit :

I've got a MacOSX (Panther) Server machine on a network and would like
to use it for a CVS Repository.

Now, in the various documentation I've read on the subject, it would
seem that each person, who would be checking files in and out of the
repository, would need their own user account on the MacOSX Server.

Is this correct?

Yes, but incomplete. The best way is to setup no-login accounts for each person, which allows them to use cvs over ssh. Another way is to use the pserver method along with a CVSROOT/passwd file, in which case you simply have to edit that file to add/remove users (with all the security risks associated with a simple, unencrypted passwd file).

Philippe Casgrain
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