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[Q] Vendor Branches and Updates

From: John Muller
Subject: [Q] Vendor Branches and Updates
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2004 16:28:53 -0500

Supposed we have two files from a module (file1 and file2).  file1 has been locally modified, but file2 has not.

If I attempt to merge both of these files (in one import command).  What happens to file1?

1) Does it become the head revision automatically?
2) Or does it have to be merged to become the head?

I would expect #2 to happen to prevent the main branch from getting partial updates, but based on the cvs documentation (see below) I'm not sure if this will happen.  Can someone clarify this?

thanks jsm
           For files that have not been modified locally, the newly created
        revision becomes the head revision.  If you have made local changes,
        `import' will warn you that you must merge the changes into the main
        trunk, and tell you to use `checkout -j' to do so.

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