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Re: (Hopefully) simple $CVSROOT question

From: Alexander von Below
Subject: Re: (Hopefully) simple $CVSROOT question
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2004 20:32:24 +0100

Thanks a lot!

Am 23.03.2004 um 18:58 schrieb Sarah Gonzales:
the Root file *should* indeed contain the access method - you can add it manually if you need to, although this should *not* be necessary.


I did that already - unsure now where I got the misleading info to leave it out - and ever since things work

1. make sure there are no spaces in your Rendevous name - the Rendevous name is basically synonymous with localhost, so... if necessary (assuming you're accessing CVS on your local box), use localhost instead.

No, this is not the local box, but actually a server. Why I am not simply using it's IP is beyond the scope of this thread...

2. One downside of Rendevous that I have noticed is that it apparently is not capable of looking on the local net for identical Rendevous names - if competing names exist, as of Jaguar (haven't checked this in Panther, I'm using Panther), neither machine would be accessible via Rendevous

Thanks for this info, I will test this when I can (using Panther as well)

3. Rendevous does NOT currently cross subnets, so... I assume this isn't the issue since you are apparently able to check it out.

One of the few things I can assume is that the client and the server will be on the same subnet when using cvs

I tried using the Rendevous name to access our CVS repository using pserver method and it worked like a champ.

This may again be beyond the scope of this list, but is there any advantage to using pserver vs. ssh?



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