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Re: listing of all the modules from a specified repository

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: listing of all the modules from a specified repository
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2004 20:50:46 -0800

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address@hidden writes:

> We have implemented the command
> cvs checkout -d top .    to checkout all the modules in a directory"top"
> from a specified repository and it is working fine,
> Is there any cvs command which can give a list of all the modules from a
> specified repository instead of checking out all the modules from a
> repository.

Provided that you populate your CVSROOT/modules file with the list of all
of your modules, you might use the

   cvs checkout -c

or (if you want the whole file, not just the active lines)

   cvs checkout -p CVSROOT/modules

command to have the CVSROOT/modules file presented to you.

Something that is a bit harder might also work depending on your ability
to parse the result...

   cvs checkout -d top -l .
   cd top
   cvs -n update -d

you should get a set of lines like

  cvs update: Updating .
  cvs update: New directory `some-directory-name' -- ignored

which you could piece together into something that gives you the list
you want.

If you are willing to hack source, there is a patch floating around that
still needs work to implement something like a 'cvs rlist' and a 'cvs
list' set of commands similar to the CvsNt implementation of the 'cvs
ls' command.

I had a little time before the holidays where I tried to get something

However, there were issues with the patch and it is presently on hold.
Both Alexander Taler and Derek Price have kicked the tires a bit, but it
will likely be summer before I have a chance to work on it again myself.

For that matter, there is nothing stopping you from moving to the version of cvs if it works better for your environment. It
should build fine on both Windows as well as most UNIX and Linux

        -- Mark
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