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RE: Merge errors from HEAD to branch

From: Jim.Hyslop
Subject: RE: Merge errors from HEAD to branch
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2004 09:31:01 -0500

Christian Robottom Reis wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 16, 2004 at 11:08:27AM -0500, Jim.Hyslop wrote:
> > > Now let's say I want to merge in the referred changes. The 
> > > way I see it
> > > (as per book and info reading) is:
> > > 
> > >     cvs up -j HEAD:"2 days ago" -j HEAD ChangeLog 
> > HEAD has a specific meaning - it means "the latest revision 
> on the trunk
> > [footnote]". Because you have specified an exact revision, the date
> > component will be ignored (the date component can only be 
> used with a
> > _branch_ tag), so your command boils down to:
> > 
> >   cvs up -j HEAD -j HEAD
> > 
> > which tells CVS "Take the difference between revision 
> 'HEAD' and revision
> > 'HEAD', and apply that difference to my local file." Since 
> the two revisions
> > are identical, there is no difference and nothing to apply.
> > 
> > If this is the first time you are merging (which I strongly 
> suspect, given
> > your question), then CVS will use the ancestor revision (in 
> the specific
> Hmm. My situation was a bit peculiar: I wanted to merge in *only* the
> changes that were done in the last 2 days, ignoring changes 
> done before
> that (which is why I specified the date modifier to HEAD); I 
> still don't
> see how I can do that easily (without specifying tags to delimit the
> merge?). 
You might try using


If it works, '1' would mean 'the trunk'. I have no idea if it will actually

> Perhaps CVS doesn't allow you to merge arbitrary timeslices 
> of your tree
> without having specific tags to merge against;
Doesn't appear that way. But, you can apply a tag using a date spec - so you

cvs tag -r "two days ago" start_point
cvs up -j start_point -jHEAD

(note: I don't use the date specs very often, so "two days ago" may not be a
valid date spec).

Jim Hyslop
Senior Software Designer
Leitch Technology International Inc. (
Columnist, C/C++ Users Journal (

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