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loginfo and export

From: Alexander von Below
Subject: loginfo and export
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2004 18:53:46 +0100


it seems to me that this would be a pretty common task:

Upon commit, I want to export the files in the repository to a location.

I looked through the cederquist, and the "CVS Essentials" book, but other than that I need to run the export in the background, I found little help.
So is there a script, or a snipped how to do this nicely?

I have been experimenting with things like

^template\/ (cd /Users/below/; rm template/*.txt; cvs export -D today -f -d remplate template &) >> ~/somelog.txt

in loginfo, with not entirely the results I want (Like, I would like just a message: Updating template, no entry anywhere, a mechanism like CVSROOT's checkoutlist would be nice)

Still assuming this is a very common thing: Does a best practice exist anywhere?



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