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Re: CTRL-M and CTRL-J characters in files

From: Steve deRosier
Subject: Re: CTRL-M and CTRL-J characters in files
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2004 11:31:05 -0800
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The CVS client automatically handles the differences between Windows and UNIX 
line endings by converting the files when you do the checkout or update (or 
commit, or...).  So, as unintuitive as it sounds, uncheck this option.  Then 
you'll get the Windows line endings without those being imported into the 
repository.  To cleanup your current problem, I'd sugest have your Linux guys 
check out the files, run them through dos2unix until the files are cleaned up, 
check them in, and then you need to do an update or checkout without that box 

- Steve

prolist wrote:
I uses Windows 2000 machine and use Jcreator LE for my Java code. When I am
adding files to CVS using WinCVS client, somehow other memebers of team
using Linux machines are getting ^M^J in their files. Why is it happening
and moreover how can I get rid of this automatically while checking-in and
checking-out fiiles.

There is a settings in WinCVS preferences Global tab which has a checkbox
"Checkout text files with the Unix LF (0xa)" and I already have this
checkbox checked.

What should I do to avoid this problem?


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