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cvs tag: some slightly counterintuitive behaviour

From: Andy Jones
Subject: cvs tag: some slightly counterintuitive behaviour
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2004 16:51:38 +0000

I've found some behaviour of cvs tag that breaks the principal of least 
astonishment - at least, for me.

In short: cvs tag doesn't tag the files in the working directory, it tags the 
files it thinks are there.

I'm preparing a release.  Some of the code is questionable - I don't know if it 
is dead or not but it certainly does not want to be part of the release.  So 
I've been deleting these files from the working directory.

Now I come to make a release tag.  My expectation is that since cvs tag 
requires a working directory then it will operate on that working directory, 
tagging the files in it but *not* the files I have removed.

It doesn't, though.  It tags all the files it thinks should be in the working 
dir, whether they are there or not.

Any thoughts?  I think that at the very least this behaviour should be spelled 
out more clearly in the manual.

[cvs 1.11.12 on Red Hat 7.1] 

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