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Updated cvs_acls2 Access Control List script

From: Peter Connolly
Subject: Updated cvs_acls2 Access Control List script
Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2004 17:15:52 -0800

Thanks to the feedback on the first release of this script.  

In particular, I'd like to thank Karl-Konig Konigsson for sending me debug 
trace with his emails.

Thanks to Derek Robert Price and Mark D. Baushke for the help on how to submit 
this script to 'contrib'.  (Do these guys ever sleep?)

I've posted the updated script as issue #170 on the ccvs Issuezilla.  Since the 
last drop on Feb. 26 we've fixed some errors in "global" restrictions; 
refactored some duplicate code; fixed the date/time stamp in the restricted_log 
file output; reformatted the code comments into pod format; and many others.

I also posted the script comments in pod2html format. It lists the updated 
installation, configuration, program logic and licensing information.

As usual, any input, feedback, corrections or suggestions you have are welcome.


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