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Re: needs help about cvs commit info warning?

From: Derek Robert Price
Subject: Re: needs help about cvs commit info warning?
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2004 14:13:43 -0500
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Courier wrote:

>"cvs commit: Using deprecated info format strings.  Convert your scripts
>to use the new argument format and remove '1's from your info file format

Check the link I provided again:


Updating for the new strings is a two step process.  The first half,
which it sounds like you did perform, it to put the
backwards-compatibility "1" flags into the strings and set the
UseNewInfoFmtStrings=yes flag in CVSROOT/config.  The "1" forces
old-style format strings for a single format string while allowing you
to use the new style where you do not specify, even mixing the two
formats on the same command line.

The second step, which I gather you have yet to acomplish, is to update
your called scripts to handle the new format and then remove the
backwards-compatibility enabling "1" flags in your strings.  The major
difference it that the new format uses quotes and spaces as separators
rather than commas in lists and some other features that make it
actually possible to deal consistently correctly with things like
directories and files with spaces and other odd characters in the
names.  If there is anything else to beware of, it will be at the above
manual link.


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