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RE: renaming a Repository

From: Conrad T. Pino
Subject: RE: renaming a Repository
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 14:41:59 -0800

> From: Johnny Fulcrum
> Is renaming a repository as easy as mv <oldname> <newname> at the UNIX  
> command line and letting anyone who has
> things checked out know they have to fix up all of the CVS/Root files in  
> their sandboxes as well as their ~/.cvspass files if for pserver?

That's almost true.  Since/if you're using :pserver: on the server side then
you need to modify "inetd.conf" option "--allow-root=" value.  Read this:

Also consider cvs will use repositories identified by symbolic links and
accepts multiple "--allow-root=" options.  Consider doing:

   mv <oldname> <newname>  # new name is hard linked
   ln <newname> <oldname>  # old name is symbolic link

In "inetd.conf" use "--allow-root=<newname> --allow-root=<oldname>" and
then access by old AND new names should work concurrently.

> concerned about history - but I see nothing in CVSROOT that is depending  
> on the name of the repository...

Don't know about this one myself.

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