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Re: cvs vs. clearcase?

From: Andrew DeFaria
Subject: Re: cvs vs. clearcase?
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2004 18:17:47 GMT
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Mark D. Baushke wrote:

- Adding additional features to CVS is possible as you have the source, forcing IBM to change anything for you is not as easy.

How many times do you alter the source code to provide site specific functionality? And what do you do when the next version of CVS comes out?

There are at least two major versions of CVS supported actively on the net (CVS and CVSNT) and all of the *BSD communities use CVS for development, so CVS is not going to fall into disuse anytime soon. Is your company able to get an agreement to escrow the source code for ClearCase should the vendor (IBM now owns Rational which purchased Pure which purchased Atria that originally wrote ClearCase) choose not to continue to provide the product at some future date?

Actually Apollo (and old workstation company) created Clearcase but it was called DSEE (Distributed Software Engineering Environment). HP purchased Apollo and the engineers working on DSEE did not want to see their creation disappear. So they left HP/Apollo and formed Atria.

If you have lots of binary files to be managed by your SCM, then you probably want to avoid using CVS as it is not well suited for that task
and there are other alternatives possible.

If you care at all about versioning of directories then you might consider Clearcase. AFAICT CVS does not version directories, which is handy and which is often confusing to users at first, but with a small amount of thought it makes perfect sense.

And considering Clearcase's installed base I highly doubt that it'll be going away anytime soon.
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