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CVS w/ ssh - chroot

From: Grand Poohbah
Subject: CVS w/ ssh - chroot
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2005 11:01:34 -0600

Hello all-

I am setting up a FreeBSD 5.x machine with cvs 1.11.17.

My goal is to have a "guest" style read-only access to a cvs repository 
under a strict chroot environment.  I have setup my repository with file 
permissions similar to those found in the how-to   However, instead 
of using a rssh or a smrsh type of shell, I am attempting to do a classic 

The cvs user logs into the server with ssh and get dropped into a chroot 
directory.  I have place what I believe to be all the necessary files (cvs 
binary, permission/group files and repository files) for cvs to work inside 
this chroot environment and it *seems* to be working as intended as a chroot 
environment.  However, when my remote system attempts a "cvs update -Ad" (or 
diff or other client command)  I get the following errors.

Root: not found
Valid-responses: not found
valid-requests: not found

Then the process just hangs until a ^C

Question: is there a debug or verbose mode I can use to get more output?  I 
have the mirrored repository file structure and permissions set up 
correctly, my only binaries I have are the following


Does cvs server need more binaries to work properly? Is there a way I can 
run "cvs server" by hand from the chroot environment to simulate what my 
client should be doing?

Thanks in advance! 

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