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Re: recursive checkout in existing directory

From: Steve Sapovits
Subject: Re: recursive checkout in existing directory
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2005 12:03:30 -0500
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Larry Jones wrote:

No.  CVS *never* removes a file that it doesn't own.  What should happen
in that case is that CVS should checkout the files into the existing
directory tree, complaining about any existing file with the same name
as one it is trying to checkout (and skipping the checkout for that
file).  In reality, CVS doesn't work very well in this case (and exactly
what it does is almost certainly different depending on whether you're
using client/server mode or not).  It has a tendency to refuse to
recurse into existing subdirectories at all, and you may get additional
errors.  But it will never remove or replace an existing directory or

I thought that should be the case, as I have used CVS in the past.
But we've seen this a few times now.  Maybe it's a bug of some
sort?  We're running 1.11 on a Solaris platform.  I'll see if I
can reproduce it.

We admittedly have a poor set-up here I'm trying to work around
without disrupting things.

Thanks for the feedback.

Steve Sapovits    address@hidden

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