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cvs module checkout problem

From: cmeyer
Subject: cvs module checkout problem
Date: 25 Jan 2005 13:39:03 -0800
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I am having troubles with an existing CVS repository. We have been
using this  repository for several years with no serious troubles. The
repository is "pserver" style, and I am accessing it remotely. In the
past I have performed the same task many times without trouble.

I am trying to checkout a module, into a specified directory.

cvs co -d some_dir ModuleName

If the module consists of only one directory, then it works fine. If
the module is  alias" style, defined to have two or more directories,
with the "-a" option, then I get an error:

cvs server: ignoring module Software/ProjName/db/CM.dbt
cvs server: existing repository /cvs/Software/ProjName/bin does not
match /cvs/Software/ProjName/httpd/cgi-perl/Finch/CM

If I don't specify the "-d some_dir", then it works without error.

I have been able to successfully check out these aliased modules into
named  directories many times in the past. Our automated software build
system relies on  this functionallity.

Thanks for any help.

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