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Re: CVS on OS X, Tortoise client on PC

From: Tony Hoyle
Subject: Re: CVS on OS X, Tortoise client on PC
Date: 26 Jan 2005 19:03:56 -0800
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mattmattmatt wrote:
> I have CVSNT for mac installed [] on the mac, and the
> client is accessible from the command line for our development user
> account (just one account for now is fine).  I can create new modules
> in the repository locally and check files in and out without
> SSH runs fine, the account can log in remotely without issue.

Wow.. someone got it to work out of the box :)

The OSX version isn't particularly good at the moment... It *works* but
the installer is a bit naff.  I've got a Mac Mini on order so I can get
the installation working properly (the next version* will have
rendezvous support** as well, plus resource fork support that was
merged in a little while back).


* Couple of weeks, probably

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