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Re: How to use cvs with a group of users and restrictive file perms

From: Phillips, Darren (UK)
Subject: Re: How to use cvs with a group of users and restrictive file perms
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2005 13:23:55 +0000

> I would like to use cvs with a group of users. That fact alone is quiet
> easy to handle by doing what
> says. The problem I have is, that the files I want to manage with cvs are
> having restrictive permissions like 0700 and so on. cvs adjusts those
> permissions and when I checkout the files I get 0755 for example (like the
> directory has where thoses files are stored in - group-setuid mode).
> That is really bad.... is there a way to tell cvs that I want my files
> with a special mode checked out? Or do you see any other ways of how to
> handle this?

I have written scripts which the users use rather calling the cvs commands 
directly. The scripts call exes  with the SUID bit set to perform file 
permission setting. That way the users only get access through the scripts I 
control. A checkin script for instance can unlock the file with the restricted 
admin uid before performing the cvs update command command and re-locking the 
permission the file again with the restricted admin uid.

On Tru64 (Alpha UNIX) the SUID on works on exes, shells don't work - so the 
outer shell has to call exes to perform the restricted operations such as 
locking/unlocking files.

Hope that is of use.

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