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re:re:cvs administration

From: Frank Zhu
Subject: re:re:cvs administration
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2005 16:40:01 -0800

Thanks for help me.
I still have questions, if anyone can help , i'd much appreciated.
1. How to setup SSH protocol between client and server.
I don't worry about cvs remove command anymore. however, here comes another question,
To enable SSH between client and server.  I add a group of users in linux 7.3 so that each user can ssh to linux machine and have a write access to /home/cvs. I am afraid that this will allow user to go directly to the repository and change files , which Jim talked about. 
Any idea how to setup SSH?
2. the contrib/cvs_acls seems difficult to understand. Is there any resource talk about it?
Frank Zhu wrote:
> My CVS system is using linux cvs server and wincvs client,

> How can configure to let cvs
> 1  only allow administrator remove files in repository, other
> use can't? The purpose is to keep code safe.
Don't worry about it. 'cvs remove' doesn't actually delete anything from
your repository. Users can never permanently remove anything as long as they
go through the CVS interface (if they have direct access to the repository
via telnet or mounted drives, that's a completely different matter).
Having to go to the administrators each time I want to 'cvs remove' a file
would be rather annoying.
If you *still* feel you need to prevent users from removing files, then have
a look at the contrib/cvs_acls script - it *might* do this, I don't know.
> 2  only allow administrator to check into trunk, other user
> can only create branch and check in at branch?
> The purpose is to keep trunk clean.
I'm pretty sure the contrib/cvs_acls script will do this. I haven't used it,
so I'm afraid I can't give you details on how to configure it.
Jim Hyslop

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