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RE: cvs administration questions

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: cvs administration questions
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2005 11:50:11 +1100


WinCVS uses CVSNT as its default client.  You may want to consider using CVSNT 
server on Linux as well (its free and GPL just like CVS - but includes access 
control list support).

Use the command cvs chacl -H for details on how to set ACL's.  It is very 
simple to prevent write access to a branch this way...

The only way you can actually remove a file from the repository is with access 
to the server or you can remove versions with the cvs admin command.  By 
default CVSNT restricts these to administrators only.  The CVS remove command 
is versioned and is therefore a "logical" delete.

Note: I dont think there is a simple way to prevent "cvs remove" however you 
could suggest it on the CVSNT mailing list:

There was recently (a couple of months ago) a long discussion about the "best" 
way to use CVS, and in particular if branches should be active and the trunk 
stable of vice-versa. It's quite complex and strong arguments on each side, I 
strongly suggest you go through the archives and have a read before committing 
to your strategy.  You may decide to keep your strategy but you will be better 
informed about the pros and cons.

Please direct all questions about CVSNT to the CVSNT newsgroup (links above).


Arthur Barrett

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From:   address@hidden on behalf of Frank Zhu
Sent:   Wed 2/16/2005 7:32 AM
To:     address@hidden
Subject:        cvs  administration questions

My CVS system is using linux cvs server and wincvs client,
How can configure to let cvs
1  only allow administrator remove files in repository, other use can't? The 
purpose is to keep code safe.
2  only allow administrator to check into trunk, other user can only create 
branch and check in at branch?
The purpose is to keep trunk clean.

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