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Patch for cvs-1.12.13

From: PJP
Subject: Patch for cvs-1.12.13
Date: 1 Apr 2006 01:43:15 -0800
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    Hello all,
I have this new patch(cvs-passwd.patch) written for cvs-1.12.13 source
tree. The patch intents to add a new command, "cvs passwd" to cvs.
This is to facilitate the cvs user to change her cvs pserver password
using cvs command line client program, whenever she needs to do so.

The patch(cvs-passwd.patch) and patched cvs-1.12.13 source, both are
available at


I would really appreciate if it gets integrated with the main cvs

My sincere thanks to Jim Hyslop who provided me with the appropriate
information and guideline while doing this work.

Thankyou !

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