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Re: check out several projects at once

From: Christian Tsotter
Subject: Re: check out several projects at once
Date: 7 Apr 2006 01:24:53 -0700
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Thanks for your answers,

i tried to use the line with the -a option in the modules file which
does in principle what i want:

whole_projekt1 -a projekt1 projekt4 repository framework
whole_projekt2 -a projekt2 projekt3 repository framework

i could not use the solution of using the -d option in the modules
file. Maybe because after a directory name it alows just file names and
no directory names. Maybe its also a version conflict. I use CVSNT as server and Eclipse 3.1.1 as client.

from CVSROOT/modules file:
# Three different line formats are valid:
#       key     -a    aliases...
#       key [options] directory
#       key [options] directory files...


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