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Re: the ls command

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: the ls command
Date: Fri, 07 Apr 2006 12:56:12 -0700

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Shawn Matlock <address@hidden> writes:

> I currently support two clients - TortoiseCVS 1.8.25 and WSAD 5.1.2
> (Eclipse 2.1.3).
> I had to move from CVS 1.12.13 to 1.11.17 for the Eclipse client - it's the
> latest "supported" version. (Checkout fails with 1.12.13.)

I believe that has the open sources for the Eclipse client.
If you need to use 1.12.13, then feel free to download the sources and
fix them with the various patches attached to the 1.12.x server
compatibilty bug:

The Updated CVS core plugin with patch applied for Eclipse 2.1.3 is a zip
file that should have the fixes you need.

Or, I suppose you could try to move to the experimental Eclipse 3.0

> Unfortunately 1.11.17 does not support the "ls" command for TortoiseCVS
> "Fetch List" feature.

File a bug report with TortoiseCVS. The workaround for a missing 'ls' command
is to do 

  cvs rlog -R .

which they should be able to handle. Either that, or you will not be
able to support the 'Fetch List' feature on TortoiseCVS.

> Is there a 1.11.x version that does support "ls"?

No. (cvs 1.11.x is GPL'd source, so you could probably patch your copy
to add it, but it is not a part of the standard distribution.)

> My hope is a later 1.11.x version will still work with Eclipse and provide
> some of the features I want for Tortoise.

No new features are being added to the 1.11.x 'STABLE' release. It is
called 'STABLE' for a reason only bug fixes are going into it.

Another alternative would be to use the CVSNT 2.x server which runs on
most major hardware platforms and does support 'ls' and probably works
okay with Eclipse. CVSNT is GPL'd source and lives in

        Good luck,
        -- Mark
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