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cvs passwd management

From: Troubled User
Subject: cvs passwd management
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2006 12:42:04 -0400

Im trying to find a tool that will help me edit the cvsroot/passwd file.
(there are multiple cvsroots / passwd files  involved)

I'm in the middle of writing a perl script, but i don't like the way it works.  
It basically does the following:

1. copy passwd to passwd.tmp
2. read passwd.tmp. 
   2a.  (for each line) if the user on the current line is Not the user im 
trying to edit, then print the current line to passwd.
           If it is the user im editing, then print a variable containing the 
new value to passwd instead of what was in passwd.tmp
   2b. If the user was not in passwd.tmp, add an entry for the new user to the 
end of passwd
3. delete passwd.tmp

this will work, but i just think it's sloppy, and would rather use a tool that 
is already been developed.

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