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auto branch propagation

From: Kesavan T.S
Subject: auto branch propagation
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2006 21:05:18 -0400

We have a project which has several releases in a year and people working in parallel. We want to setup branches like REL1, REL2 , REL3 . When REL1 branch goes into production is there any feature by which and bug fixes made for eg: to automatically propagate to REL2 and REL3. If there is any conflict auto merging REL1 and REL2 or REL2 to REL3 it should send an email notification to the user to alert that this needs to be manually merged. Also we are thinking of migrating from SCCS to CVS I would appreciate if any body has done this successfully and any pointers on things to plan for .

Thanks and Regards

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