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N00b branch question -- links point to trunk now, or then?

From: laker . gold
Subject: N00b branch question -- links point to trunk now, or then?
Date: 18 Apr 2006 12:36:42 -0700
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Hi All,

Trying to figure out what to use for source control.

I have a respository containing file1 and file2.  I make a branch of
this repository to work in.  I change only file2.  Meanwhile, some
other developer has made changes to file1 in the trunk.

I "get latest" (not sure what the correct term is, sorry) on my branch.
 Do I see that developer's changes to file1, or do I see file1 as it
was when the branch was created?  Can cvs be configured to give me the
changes to file1, or configured to prevent me from getting those
changes, or does it just have one behavior?

I've been reading cvs docs all day, and I haven't found this explicitly
stated.  Something called "ampersand modules" looks interesting, so I'm
going to try and figure that out, but at this point, that's a bit
advanced for me (although any dumbed-down explanations welcome).

Thanks for any help


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