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RE: How to add/commit a directory after the files therein are already ad

From: Ming Kin Lai
Subject: RE: How to add/commit a directory after the files therein are already added/commited
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2006 15:46:26 -0700

Based on the revision number, it looks to me like you initially added the
doc directory, Manual.tex, etc. to the version3 branch.
The how do you explain the fact that when I now check out the project, doc is missing?
% cvs -d /home/messengr/cvs checkout -r v3_0_6 myproj
% cd myproj/
% ls
AUTHORS    CVS/       Makefile   NEWS       Readme     compiler/  daemon/
(doc is missing)

I believe you're
getting the "move away" message because the Manual.tex file in your doc
directory has a timestamp newer than the version in the CVS repository.  If
you want to keep this copy instead of the one in the repository, then move
it somewhere temporarily, perform the following operations and move it back
before performing the commit.  Update myproj to remove any sticky tags and
add new directories (cvs up -Ad).  Once you've done that, you can merge the
doc directory and its content from the version3 branch to the trunk with,
"cvs up -j version3 doc" and then commit the changes.
I want the files in the branch.  I do not want to move them to the  truck.

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