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Re: Change cvs access mode

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: Change cvs access mode
Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2006 22:59:54 -0700

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address@hidden writes:

> Thanks Mark. I tried both "cvs watchers filename" and "cvs editors
> filename", nothing coming. Then I also did "cvs unedit filename" and "cvs
> watch -a remove filename", but the "cvs watch -a remove filename" return
> me a "Usage: cvs watch [on|off|add|remove] [-lR] [-a action] [files...]".

Does 'cvs watch off -a remove filename' work better? (I almost never use
the cvs watch command myself... so I may have the syntax wrong.)

> Not sure why it does not work, the CVS version is 1.11.2.

That one is a very old version of CVS...

Hmmm... the editors and watches files should show up in the repository
itself as a CVS/fileattr where the CVS directory is a sibling of the
particular file that is having problems. Do you see such a file in your
repository? If so, what does it contain?

> Anyway, after "cvs unedit filename" and "cvs watch -a remove filename",
> the file remains -r-r-r after checking out and broken my compilation. What
> else should I try to fix this problem?

Is the CVSREAD environment varible set? Or, does the user have a
$HOME/.cvsrc file with a 'cvs -r' line in it?

If so, does using the command:

   cvs -w update filename

do anything for you?

        -- Mark
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