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Re: Question regarding a filename in HEAD vs branch

From: Mark E. Hamilton
Subject: Re: Question regarding a filename in HEAD vs branch
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2006 15:16:25 -0600
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Norman Crisp wrote:
Thanks for you help Mark.
I now realize that this was not handled in the best possible way, a rename
would have been better.  What we did was rm foo.GIF,v directly from the
repository.  The designer then did a cvs add foo.gif, cvs commit foo.gif
into the main truck.  The branch however is still pulling foo.GIF.  I am not
sure how to correct this so that the B4 branch pulls foo.gif.

Sorry, Norm, I misread your initial post, and got my branches mixed up. So, reverse the 'main trunk'/branch statements in my first response and it will be correct. ;)

However, if the foo.GIF,v file was removed from the repository then it's not possible for any update/checkout for any branch to retrieve that file; it no longer exists in the repository. Remember that the ,v file contains all the data related to that file, and all branches/versions/history of it. Once it's gone, it's gone. So, Jim's reply about Windows and file case seems likely; I don't do Windows so I defer to those who know more about it.

You didn't say that your designer branched foo.gif; if you haven't then do so. Then check out the branch in a *new* working directory. I'd expect that you'd get foo.gif in both the directory and the CVS/Entries file.

Mark E. Hamilton
Orion International Technologies, Inc.
Sandia National Laboratory, NM.

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