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RE: Continuous Integration and CVS

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: Continuous Integration and CVS
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2006 14:50:01 +1000

Ben Rady,

> The way Anthill works is it periodically checks 
> for changes in the CVS repository, and if it 
> detects one, 

Sounds like CruiseControl.

This has a nasty habit of flattening the server if the "test for changes
interval" is set low.

> On the other hand, some developers say that since 
> Anthill is doing a fresh checkout, all of the files 
> that it checks out will have revisions in CVS. 
> Therefore, if Anthill creates a tag from it's 
> working directory using 'cvs tag', the build 
> artifacts created from the build can be perfectly 
> reproduced by checking out that tag.

Yes - in fact I avoid rtag because unless you can lock all the users out
of the server there is potential to rtag a version you didn't intend to
(because someone has committed a change).

My own preference is to use a build system that is driven from the CM
system (ie: build when changes are merged onto the build branch).

This way you can create "promotion levels" where changes/development can
occur on the trunk and you can restrict who can move things to the
"build" environment (by ACL's) and then promote to
test/integration/release from there.


Arthur Barrett
CVSNT Product Manager
CVS Training and Support
Australia, UK, USA

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