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cvs.exe ignoring protocol in CVSROOT?

From: Derek Pribnow
Subject: cvs.exe ignoring protocol in CVSROOT?
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2007 14:49:38 -0600

I've been running cvs for a little while now over the sspi protocol with no
trouble.  Today, it decided to use the ext protocol even though I have my
CVSROOT set to use the sspi.  I have been creating a few new NAnt build
scripts that are using cvs checkouts, but all are utilizing the sspi
protocol.  I'm not sure where it's getting the ext, but every time I try to
do a 'cvs login', it tells me that the :ext: protocol doesn't support the
login command.  My main computer is the only one affected by this.  All of
the others I use are still running fine.  Is there anywhere it may have

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